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About Me

I don’t know if you will ever meet someone who enjoys what they do as much as I do – I absolutely love it! I love helping new families establish themselves while creating wonderful memories. And, most of all, I deeply appreciate the amount of personal contact my clients allow me to share with them during the most fulfilling time of their lives.

– Shelia Swart

Rest Assured

Shelia Swart has been an infant sleep trainer in Western New York for the past 20 years. She began her career as a postpartum and birthing doula, and it was during her time in the postpartum doula field that she began observing patterns developing amongst the infants she was working with. In response to these patterns, she began implementing feeding, sleeping and soothing techniques that worked universally.

The Peaceful Beginnings Infant Care Schedule Shelia implements is a culmination of numerous years of observation, fine-tuning and practice. She now refers to herself as an “Infant Sleep Trainer”, providing infant care bringing peaceful beginnings and restful nights to families all around Buffalo and its surrounding suburbs.